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Riva Ingegneria

Civil and structural engineering, structural design, site construction supervision and testing

Long-established professional firm RIVA INGEGNERIA provides civil engineering both nationally and internationally and is specialized in construction management, site construction supervision and static tests of civil, industrial and geotechnical construction structures and bridge decks. RIVA INGEGNERIA designs seismic structures in reinforced and pre-stressed concrete, cast in situ or precast, as well as steel, wood and masonry.

Founded in 1977, Msc. Eng. Ersilio Riva has always pursued the highest design quality through a deep analysis of the expected behaviour of the structure and the structural optimisation (Value Engineering) for a conscious exploitation of materials for an environmental sustainability vision.

Joining the firm in 2014, Msc. Eng. Matteo Riva has contributed to the continuous updating of software to assist in the calculation and verification of structures, which is increasingly necessary and complementary to the work of designers in the FEM analysis phases. He has also introduced parametric three-dimensional modelling in the firm, convinced that the future of the construction industry is increasingly the digitisation 4.0 of information processes through a BIM methodology.

The project development of every structure, both ordinary and extra-ordinary, always represents the opportunity for a technical in-depth analysis, a new cognitive check and, above all, a further engineering experience: nowadays all these features are fundamental in order to response to real-world challenges.

The building site visits, both during construction phases and at completed works, intend to analyze the structure to observe if the hypotheses and static principles, which stand at the base of the project, are satisfied. The aim is to increase the analytical and synthetic skills of the structural engineers working for RIVA INGEGNERIA and to pay attention to their training process.


studio ingegneria civile riva

Foundation year

Precast structural designs: 3600
Residential structural designs: 160
Site construction supervisions: 100
Structural fire engineering reports: 360
Bridges: 480
Static tests: 220